HERA Magic Starter

Hera Magic Starter

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One solution to make the skin look good at all times

Face Filter Effect: The effect that’s achieved with the reflector
Lighting Powder gives a transparent shine to the face like there is light reflected, while exquisitely correcting the skin with a hue developed for different skin tones.

Makeup Boosting Effect: For a fresh, long-lasting makeup look
Fix Powder works to keep makeup from caking, drying and fading for long-lasting bright and clear skin.

Moisturizing Effect: For moisturized, well-prepped skin
It fills the skin with moisture from deep inside to smoothen the skin texture so that it’s ready to take makeup well.

Fruity floral scent creating a refreshing feminine image

  • Top Note : 사fruity note built on the scent of apple for a refreshing sensation
  • Heart Note : blend of green floral hyacinth, lotus and lady rose to create a soft, fresh image
  • Base Note : warm mellow scent of musk that brings everything into harmony

SPA25 PA++

How to use
Before applying makeup, release an appropriate amount and apply to face.

HERA Magic Starter

HERA Magic Starter


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